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I’m Sean Hammond, a software developer and future Portuguese Water Dog owner. I work for Hypothesis and live in Edinburgh. This is my site where you can find my blog posts and a list of some of my projects. You can also find me on GitHub Gist, Stack Overflow and Pinboard.

If you want to get in touch you can send me an email.



Oatcake (2019)

The GitHub Pages theme that I use on this site.

PandaSteer (2006)

Computer game characters that follow, chase, flee, and avoid obstacles and collisions. Also PandaZUI, a zoomable user-interface framework.

Losser (2014)

A little JSON to CSV converter.

Data Packager (2014)

A web app for making tabular data packages.

OAuth 2.0 Support for CKAN (2014)

Login to CKAN sites using OAuth 2.0. </header> </article>

Snapshotter (2011–present)

Very easy incremental snapshot backups.

Forest (circa 2010, archived copy)

Website for Forest, a free arts and events space masquerading as a vegetarian café.

Infoseed (circa 2007, archived copy)

Website for Infoseed hacklab.

DWM (2015)

My DWM config.

Navigating 3D Environments (2004, PDF)

A computer game character that navigates complex 3D environments (Quake III levels), created for my undergraduate dissertation.